Chat Room Help

Help pages on our site designed to answer questions about how to perform certain chat commands, register a room, get in contact with an administrator, or just general day to day chat lingo. If you have a question that is not covered in one of the pages listed below please contact We will try to answer your question to the best of our ability.

  • Chat Room Lingo - Ever wonder what those funny characters were that people are posting in the chat rooms? This page explains the most commonly used chat lingo.

  • Chat Room Commands
    - These commands are chatter related commands. They will show you how to send a private message to someone (whisper), how to silence a person that is bugging you in private, how to change your nickname on chat and many others.

  • Channel Operator and Room Mode Commands
    - These commands are room related commands. They show you how to give OPs to a person in your room, how to take away someone's voice in your channel, how to ban people from your channel, how to make your room private.

  • Chat Room Services Commands
    - These will help you register your nickname, register a room, control and automate your room, send memos to other registered chatters that are offline.

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions on 6teens